Online Money Transfer to India

ICICI Bank Canada account holders can now transfer money online to virtually any bank in India*, in just a few clicks.

Our Online Money Transfers to virtually Any Bank in India* have always been easy and convenient to use. You can transfer money online to more than 95,000 branches of over 130 banks across India. Take advantage of our pre-confirmed competitive exchange rates and low service charges, all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Rate Block

ICICI Bank Canada's exciting new offer allows you to set your ideal currency conversion rate for your online money transfer transaction. Simply input a Minimum Exchange Rate of your choice for carrying out a transfer, and the transaction will automatically be processed only when our exchange rate reaches or becomes higher than your pre-set Minimum Exchange Rate. If yowur pre-set exchange rate is not reached within 15 days of setting up the Rate Block, your money transfer transaction will be cancelled until you are ready to set a new rate.

Standing Instruction

A 'Standing Instruction' (SI) allows accountholders to schedule regular fund transfers from their Canadian dollar accounts to designated beneficiary account(s) in India. By pre-scheduling the time and amount of a transfer, you can ensure that you would never miss an important fund transfer again!

How does this work - 2 easy steps to send money to India

Log in to your account on our website, and

STEP 1 - Add a New Receiver (A One-Time Process)

Click on "Add a New Receiver" and enter the receiver’s personal and bank account details. Once all details are entered and submitted, the information will be saved for future transactions and you will be prompted to call our 24/7 Customer Contact Centre, toll-free at 1-888-424-2422 to confirm the registration.

STEP 2 - Send Money

Once you have called and confirmed the registration, your receiver will be registered within 24 hours, after which you may send money at anytime by clicking on ‘Send Money Now’ to transfer money online. Please enter the required information and confirm your request.


Information you will need:

  • Receiver’s full name as it appears in his/her bank account
  • Receiver’s complete address, phone number and occupation
  • Receiver’s bank details including – Bank name, branch details, account number

Please remember:

  • You will be charged a fee of C$5 per Online Money Transfer transaction
  • You can transfer up to C$6,000 within a 24 hour period.



*National Electronic Funds Transfer ("NEFT"):
Money Transfers are subject to regulatory verification processes. In the event of any delays in the processing of Money Transfers on account of such verifications, ICICI Bank Canada will not be liable or responsible in any manner for the consequences of such a delay, including, without limitation, for losses or damages caused by such a delay.