Hello Canada Account for New Immigrants

Whether you, your family or your friends are moving to Canada to live, work or study, the amount of preparation required can seem overwhelming. Also the banking system in Canada is very different from India. Let ICICI Bank Canada take care of your banking while you focus on travel plans, and you’ll feel right at home before you even land.

ICICI Bank Canada’s Hello Canada Account is designed specifically for customers moving to Canada with residential, work or study permits. It allows you to open a Canadian Dollar Chequing Account from India so you can start banking as soon as you arrive in Canada!

When you land in Canada, just visit an ICICI Bank Canada branch with the required documents to update your residency status and start enjoying the freedom of banking any time, with one of our regular chequing accounts.

Features of our Canadian Dollar Chequing Account include:

  • Easy access - Convenient online, phone, Automated Banking Machine (ABM) and in-branch banking
  • Money transfer service - Low cost Money Transfers to India and other countries
  • Free and unlimited access to over 2,500 ABMs - Free and unlimited deposits, withdrawals and balance inquiries at any ABMs at our branches or on THE EXCHANGE® Network.
  • Online bill payment - Free and unlimited
  • Free cheque book - First cheque book free with 20 personalized cheques
  • Earn interest - Competitive interest rates on Canadian Dollar accounts with a small balance

Who can apply for Hello Canada Account?

Holders of a Canadian visa that is valid for more than 6 months, in any of the following categories:

  • Permanent Residency (immigration) permit
  • Work permit
  • Study permit

What are the documents required to open a Hello Canada Account?

  1. Valid Indian Passport (containing your full name, address and photograph)
  2. Valid Canadian visa (immigration, work or study)
  3. Acceptance letter from your employer or academic institution (for work or study visas respectively)
  4. Proof of address in India (driver’s license, passport, landline phone bill (MTNL/BSNL), Aadhar card, Voter ID card or Ration card)

What are the documents required to activate a Hello Canada Account in Canada?

  1. Permanent Resident card or one of the following Citizenship and Immigration Canada forms:
    • IMM 1000, IMM 1442, IMM 5292 or IMM 5688
  2. Indian Passport
  3. Social Insurance Number issued by the Government of Canada

What items will I receive upon opening a Hello Canada Account? When will I receive these items?

  1. Welcome Kit: You will receive a Welcome Kit on submitting the completed account application form and required documents at a designated ICICI Bank Limited branch in India. The welcome kit contains your Customer Identification Number (CIF), which will be your login ID for online banking. Also enclosed are the Legal Brochure, Disclosure statement Hello Canada Account Terms and Conditions, Internet banking password and product brochure.

  2. Account confirmation: You will receive a letter confirming that your account has been opened. This letter will provide your Account Number and additional account details.

  3. Certificate of Balance: A Certificate of Balance, which will serve as proof of funds at the port of entry in Canada, can be issued to you upon successful completion of an outward remittance to your Hello Canada account. All you have to do is submit a request when you place your remittance instruction. We recommend that you remit your funds around one month before you leave for Canada.

  4. Debit Card & Cheque book: Once you arrive in Canada and submit the required documents at your ICICI Bank Canada branch, you will be given your Debit Card. You can also request your first free personalized cheque book, which will be mailed to the address you provide.

  5. Cash for initial period: We understand that it may take some time for you to provide the required documents, and that you will require some cash for your day-to-day activities in the interim. Your Hello Canada Account allows you to withdraw up to C$5,000, before activation is completed, for your day-to-day needs, subject to available balance in the account in maximum two transaction.

Can I transact in my account while I am in India?

Your account will become fully operational once you arrive in Canada and activate it by personally visiting an ICICI Bank Canada branch and submitting the required documents. While in India you will only be allowed to remit funds to your Hello Canada Account, as per the limit set for immigrants by Reserve Bank of India.

Hello Canada Account- Process and Terms

Please read the complete list of FAQ’s

Hello Canada Account Activation form

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