Secure a higher interest rate on your investments with one of our hot GIC options.
Simply use promo code GIC15 on the application form to receive a bonus 15bps additional rate.
Terms Current Rate Promotional Bonus Rate*
1 year Redeemable GIC 2.05% 2.20%
1 year Non Redeemable GIC 2.35% 2.50%
2 year Redeemable GIC 2.30% 2.45%
2 year Non Redeemable GIC 2.60% 2.75%
3 year Redeemable GIC 2.35% 2.50%
3 year Non Redeemable GIC 2.65% 2.80%
4 year Redeemable GIC 2.40% 2.55%
4 year Non Redeemable GIC 2.70% 2.85%
5 year Redeemable GIC 2.70% 2.85%
5 year Non Redeemable GIC 3.00% 3.15%

*Terms and conditions applicable. Rates are as of 1st October 2018. Offer valid till 31st December 2018 on all registered and non-registered GICs and can be withdrawn at any time without notice. ICICI Bank Canada products and services are subject to terms and conditions, which are available at www.icicibank.ca or at any branch. Minimum of C$1,000 is required. All interest rates are expressed on a per annum basis and are subject to change at any time without notice. GIC interest is compounded annually and payable at the end of term. Other conditions may apply. ICICI Bank Canada is a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. Deposits held in Canadian currency, having a term of five years or less and payable in Canada are insurable under the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act. All GIC's opened with promo code GIC15 will not auto renew at maturity.