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*Offer Terms and Conditions
1. The Bank is offering the ICICI Bank Hello Canada Account to enable your smooth banking transition to Canada. The account can be opened before your arrival, provided you have a valid Canadian Visa classified under either of the Work, Study or Immigration categories. Canadian Visa’s must be valid for more than 6 months at the time of application. For details on process & terms, please click here. This offer is valid for applications made before arrival in Canada.
2. You can send money to your ICICI Bank Hello Canada Account any time after you are provided with an account number. International wire transfers may take more than five business days to reach ICICI Bank Canada. ICICI Bank Canada cannot accept more than one wire payment and such payment cannot exceed CDN$100,000. It is your responsibility to ensure that the wire transfer to ICICI Bank Canada, is in compliance with the local laws of your country. The ICICI Bank Hello Canada Account and services offered by ICICI Bank Canada are not intended to solicit transactions that are not permitted in Canada or the any other country.
3. Upon arrival in Canada, you must activate your account by (a) completing an account activation form (on the ICICI Bank Hello Canada app), and (b) completing online verification OR attending an in-person verification in Canada by physically visiting either an ICICI Bank Canada branch OR a branch of ICICI Bank Canada’s affiliated partners, where you will be required to present (i) your original Passport, (ii) your original Canadian Visa / Permanent Resident’s Card issued by the relevant Canadian government department, and (iii) a bank statement for your ICICI Bank Hello Canada Account (which will be available to you in the ICICI Bank Hello Canada app Secure Mailbox, after you have completed the account activation form). You may also be required to provide a home country issued national ID (depending upon the verification method chosen).
4. To avail savings of more than CDN$400, upon your arrival in Canada, select the HiVALUE PLUS chequing account in the ICICI Bank Hello Canada app.
5. During the first 12 months following the activation of your HiVALUE PLUS chequing account, your monthly account fee will be waived and will not appear, as a charge in your account. Other service charges, will continue to be applied monthly.
6. ICICI Bank may set limits for sending and receiving Transfer using the Interac e-Transfer®. service and may changes these limits at any time with or without notice to you. It is your responsibility to check the limits applicable to you. You may do this by logging on using Digital Banking or reviewing the FAQs section on our website, www.icicibank.ca.
7. Free ABM transactions including, unlimited deposits, withdrawals and balance inquiries are available at any ICICI Bank Canada ABM or at any of THE EXCHANGE® Network of ABMs. Neither ICICI Bank Canada nor any of THE EXCHANGE® network ABM providers impose a surcharge for such transactions.
8. The annual fee for small and medium sized safety deposit boxes will be waived for the first year following the activation of your HiVALUE PLUS chequing account. Safety deposit box allocation is subject to availability. ICICI Bank Canada does not guarantee that a safety deposit box of a desired size will be available each of its branches.
9. No fee and extra 40 paise on money transfers are applicable on Canadian dollar to Indian rupee money transfers to India of individual amounts of less than CDN$100,000, during the first 12 months following the activation of your HiVALUE PLUS chequing account. Through our website icicibank.ca, you can transfer up to CDN$9,000 within a 24-hour period. There is no limit for transfers conducted through an ICICI Bank Canada branch. Money transfers can only be sent to registered recipients. Money transfers to recipient bank accounts that are not held with ICICI Bank Limited in India, will only be credited instantaneously if such recipient’s bank accounts are enabled for immediate payment services (IMPS). If they are not registered for IMPS, money transfers will be processed via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT). NEFT transfers may take up to 48 business hours to process. All money transfers to India are subject to limits and restrictions imposed by IMPS and NEFT, as applicable.
10. Customers with a HiVALUE PLUS chequing account will receive special GIC interest rates during the first 12 months following the activation of the HiVALUE PLUS chequing account. For all GICs the interest is compounded annually and payable at the end of the term. The annual rate of interest is fixed over the tenure of the GIC.
11. Your new mortgage application will be considered for special interest rate if you will apply for during the first year of your account opening. The preferential rate is determined by ICICI Bank Canada is sole discretion.
12. For account fees and charges, please refer to the Disclosure Statement on our website at www.icicibank.ca. All ICICI Bank Canada products and services are subject to terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can be found at /content/icicibank/ca/en/legal/default.html. The offers and benefits referred to herein may be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice and may not be used in connection with or combined with other discounts, offers or promotions of ICICI Bank Canada. ICICI Bank Canada reserves the right to refuse to honor its offers and benefits upon the occurrence or suspicion of misuse, fraud, error or dispute, in its sole discretion. The offers and benefits referred to herein are only available to customers opening a Hello Canada chequing account, and not to existing customers of ICICI Bank Canada or participants of the Student GIC Program. The offers and benefits contained herein cannot be combined with any other offers or benefits and cannot be transferred, they may however, be withdrawn or changed without prior notice at any time.
13. The ICICI Bank name, HiVALUE name, Rubyx names and logos are trademarks of ICICI Bank limited and used under license.
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