Exclusive India Day Offers



Safety Deposit Box

50% off on first year annual fee for select safety deposit boxes, subject to availability.

Credit card

Get $49 annual fee rebate on Rubyx Credit Cards

Send money to India

New customer are eligible for a 50 paise bonus rate and no fees on CAD-INR money transfers to India


Get additional interest rate of up to 0.20% p.a. on using promo code: “IND2021”


Insured Mortgage: Get additional rate reduction of up to 0.10%

Conventional Mortgage: Get additional rate reduction of up to 0.25%


To avail the offer, please visit any ICICI Bank Canada branch.


*Terms and conditions:


  1. Offer Period: These offers are valid for products availed between August 15, 2021 to September 15, 2021.
  2. Safe Deposit Box Offer: The offer to waive safety deposit box fee is valid only for small and medium sized safety deposit boxes opened with an ICICI Bank Canada branch during the Offer Period. To avail the offer, the safe deposit box owner must also have a chequing or saving account with ICICI Bank Canada with a minimum balance of CAD 1000. Please note, ICICI Bank Canada does not guarantee the availability of safety deposit box and the offer is subject to availability of an eligible safety deposit box.
  3. Money to India Offer: The send money to India offer is valid for transaction made by New Customers during the Offer Period. A New Customer is someone who: (i) has an existing savings or chequing account with ICICI Bank Canada but has not made a money transfer through such saving or chequing account since April 1, 2019; or (ii) opens their first chequing or savings account with the Bank. For detailed offer terms and conditions please refer to https://www.icicibank.ca/html/canada/promo/remittance-campaign-lp/tnc.html
  4. Credit Card Offer: The rebate of CAD 49 towards annual fee is applicable only for those customers who apply and get approved for the Rubyx Credit Card offered by ICICI Bank Canada during the Offer Period.  After the first year, annual fees will be charged in accordance with the Disclosure Statement. Please note, ICICI Bank Canada does not guarantee the issuance of or eligibility to a credit card, and to qualify for a credit card you must meet various eligibility criteria, including you must be of age of majority in the province/territory where you live. Approval for a credit card and credit limits will be determined based on ICICI Bank Canada’s underwriting criteria, including your verifiable income and credit history (If available). ICICI Bank Canada reserves the right to decline a credit card application or change the credit limits at any time without notice to you.
  5. GIC Offer: The additional bonus rate is available only to those customer who open a new GIC with ICICI Bank Canada during the Offer Period. To avail the offer, the customer must submit an application (fully completed with all relevant information) to open a GIC with promo code: “IND2021”. The bonus rate will be applied on the prevailing interest rates at the time of submission of a completed application. All interest rates are expressed on a per annum basis and compounded annually. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice. The GIC will be automatically closed upon maturity and the maturity proceeds will be credited as per the instructions provided in the GIC application. Refer to the Disclosure Statement of Fees and Charges for Personal Accounts, for the schedule of charges. Deposits with ICICI Bank are insured by Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (“CDIC”), subject always to coverage limitations as outlined by CDIC. To learn more, visit www.cdic.ca or contact CDIC at 1-800-461-CDIC (2342). GICs, like all ICICI Bank products and services, are subject to terms and conditions. Such terms and conditions, including the GIC terms and conditions as well as Direct Banking terms and conditions can be found at https://www.icicibank.ca/legal/default.page.
  6. Mortgage Offer: The lower interest rate offered for Mortgage products shall apply to only those customers who successfully apply for and avail a mortgage during the Offer Period. Please note, ICICI Bank Canada does not guarantee the sanction of a mortgage. To know our standard branch rates, contact our 24-hour Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-424-2422 (toll-free from Canada and Continental U.S.) or visit any of our branches. Rates are for the limited time of the offer promotion period, subject to meeting ICICI Bank Canada's credit granting criteria. Interest rates, terms and products are subject to change at any time without notice.
  7. The offers and benefits contained herein cannot be combined with any other offers or benefits and cannot be transferred, they may however, be withdrawn or changed without prior notice at any time. ICICI Bank Canada reserves the right to refuse to honor its offers and benefits upon the occurrence or suspicion of misuse, fraud, error or dispute, in its sole discretion. The ICICI Bank name, Indian@Heart Club, Rubyx names and logos are trademarks of ICICI Bank limited and used under license.