Hello Canada Account - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hello Canada Account?

The Hello Canada Account is designed specifically for individuals who are planning to move to Canada to live, work or study. It offers three types of Canadian dollar personal chequing accounts, each with different features.  Customers can begin the process of opening a Hello Canada Account from their home country, as well as deposit funds into the account and obtain a Certificate of Balance to fulfill the Immigration Department of the Government of Canada’s proof of funds requirement.

What are the features and conditions of a Hello Canada Account?

Customers with non-resident status as defined by the Bank*

Customers with resident status as defined by the Bank**

  • No minimum balance required
  • No monthly charges
  • Maximum balance of CAD 100,000
  • No interest is paid and withdrawals cannot be made
  • Choice of HiVALUE®, HiVALUE PLUS  or Basic Chequing Account
  • Interest generated (subject to account balance requirements)
  • Unlimited in-branch and online banking
  • 24-hour telephone banking
  • Debit card for access to over 3,500 ABMs in Canada free of charge
  • Bill payment and TEXT ALERT service
  • And much more


*Non-Resident status: The account is opened but the customer is in their home country.
**Resident status: The customer has arrived in Canada and completed the identity verification (KYC) process as per Canadian Regulations. Customers are classified as “non-resident” until they complete the KYC process, even after arrival in Canada.

Who can apply for Hello Canada Account?

Any individuals from India, Bahrain, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, UK, USA, Vietnam with a valid Canadian visa in any of the following categories:

  • Canadian citizen moving back to Canada;
  • Permanent resident (immigration);
  • On a work permit (valid for more than 6 months); or
  • On a study permit.

How do I apply for a Hello Canada Account?

Click here and follow the instructions provided.

Which documents are required to open a Hello Canada Account?

You will need to provide the following documents:

  • Copy of passport pages (i) photo page, including your personal details, and  (ii) any additional pages containing pertinent information, e.g. your parents’ or guardians’ names and addresses (if applicable); and
  • Copy of Visa.

How do I activate my Hello Canada Account?

Click here and follow the instructions provided.

Which documents are required to activate the Hello Canada Account?

The following documents are required to activate the account:

  • Permanent resident card or one of the following documents issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada: IMM 1000, IMM 1442, IMM 5292 or IMM 5688;
  • Secondary photo ID from your home country. For example: driving license or any other national identity cards; and
  • Valid passport.

What is a Certificate of Balance (proof of funds)?

The Immigration Department of the Government of Canada requires proof that you have enough money to support yourself and your family in Canada. They determine the amount of money required according to the number of people in your family. You cannot borrow this money from another person. These funds must be available to cover living expenses for you and your family, even if they are not accompanying you.


For more information, go to the Goverment of Canada Website http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/funds.asp

How can I obtain a Certificate of Balance?

A Certificate of Balance will be sent to you automatically via your ICICI Bank Canada Secure Mailbox after we receive the funds that you deposited into your Hello Canada Account.

Can I operate my account while I am still in my home country?

Your account will only become fully operational once you have completed your account activation in Canada. While you are in your home country, you will only be allowed to remit funds to your Hello Canada Account, up to a maximum of CAD 100,000.

I have not received my Canadian visa, can I apply for an account?

We require a copy of your Canadian visa in order to process your application for a Hello Canada Account. A Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Permit will not be accepted. You must provide an Immigrant Visa, Student Visa or Work Visa that is valid for more than 6 months.

I am a resident of another country and do not have plans to immigrate to Canada. Can I open an account with ICICI Bank Canada?

Currently, we are only offering the Hello Canada Account to people who intend to either permanently immigrate to Canada or temporarily work or study in Canada.

Are the funds that I have deposited with your bank insured?

ICICI Bank Canada is a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. The instruments and/or products that are eligible for deposit insurance from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) are listed in our Deposit Register, subject always to coverage limitations as outlined by CDIC. For further information, please visit the CDIC website or call: 1-800-461-CDIC (2342).

What is the minimum amount required to open an account?

There is no minimum amount required to open a Hello Canada Account.

What is the minimum balance requirement for the account?

There is no minimum balance requirement for a Hello Canada Account.

Can I open a joint account?

The Hello Canada Account must be opened as a single-holder account; however, you can add your spouse or partner as a joint account holder once you have activated your account in Canada.

How soon after I have remitted the funds from my home country will they be credited to my account in Canada?

Funds are usually credited into the account within 3-5 business days, however, in some cases it may take longer.

When does interest start accruing on the account?

Interest starts accruing from the day you activate your Hello Canada Account, subject to account balance requirements. No interest is paid until the account is activated in Canada with the submission of required documents as per Canadian regulations.

Can I deposit funds after I receive my account number?

You can send money to your Hello Canada Account any time after you are provided with the account number. International wire transfers may take more than five business days to reach ICICI Bank Canada. We recommend that you send money to your account at least a month before you travel to Canada.

When and how will I receive my account number? How many days does it take to open an account?

The account opening process will take approximately 1-2 business days provided that all documents are in order and no further clarification is required. You will receive a confirmation letter with your account number via your ICICI Bank Secure Mailbox.

If I decide not to move to Canada, how will I be refunded?

Click here and follow the instructions provided.

What if I want to send funds back to my home country after arriving in Canada?

You will be able to perform all regular banking transactions after the account is activated in Canada.

Where can I submit an application to open a Hello Canada Account?

Applications can only be submitted through the ICICI Bank Hello Canada App.

How do I follow up about my application status?

You must communicate with us via the ICICI Bank Canada Secure Mailbox for all questions related to your application.

For any other queries:

  • Email customercare.ca@icicibank.com
  • Call toll-free from India at 1-800-200-3340
  • Elsewhere, call collect at 1-416-847-7979

To help retrieve your application promptly, please have your application information, supporting documents, and submission date available during the call.

How can I reset the password for my ICICI Bank Canada Secure Mailbox?

Visit the ICICI Bank Hello Canada Account login page, click on ’Forgot Password‘ and follow the instructions provided.

Can a third-party deposit money into my Hello Canada Account?

Only you can deposit funds into your Hello Canada Account. Funds must be sent from your own account in your home country, held exclusively in your name, or jointly with your parents or spouse. In the event of a refund, the money will be returned to this bank account.

Can a third-party follow up with ICICI Bank Canada in regard to the status of my application?

For privacy reasons, ICICI Bank Canada will not disclose any information to any third-party.

How can I update my personal or contact information (telephone number, home address or passport number)?

If you need to update your personal information, please notify us through the ICICI Bank Canada Secure Mailbox, with supporting documentation (if applicable), by replying to the last message received from the Bank.