ICICI Bank Canada - Text Alerts

    Keeping track of your accounts just got easier!

    ICICI Bank Canada’s new TEXT ALERTS service lets you keep track of your bank accounts while you’re on the go. You will be notified on your mobile phone of any credit or debit transaction of $50 or more (in the currency of the account) such as payroll deposits, mortgage payments, pre-authorized debits or debit card purchases.


    TEXT ALERTS are available for our HiVALUE Chequing Account, HiVALUE PLUS Chequing Account, HiSAVE Savings Account, Premium Savings Account, RSP Savings Account and Tax-Free Savings Account.


    TEXT ALERTS are available for all mobile phones whose carrier is a member of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association as a text messaging carrier.


    TEXT ALERTS will not be sent between 10:00 pm (EST) and 7:55 am (EST). For any transactions carried out between 10:00 pm (EST) and 7:55 am (EST), the alerts will be sent at or after 7:55 am (EST).

    Transactions for which TEXT ALERTS will be generated:

    Credit transactions of $50 or moreDebit transactions of $50 or more
    • Cash or cheque deposit
    • Deposit of a third party cheque or bank draft
    • Direct deposits such as payroll deposit and refund of taxes
    • Transfers from a linked bank account (external and internal linked accounts in the same account name)
    • Deposits of redemptions from ICICI Bank Canada Guaranteed Investment Certificates or term deposits
    • Incoming wire transfers
    • Interest earned
    • Reversal of charges
    • ABM withdrawals
    • Transfers from your account to linked internal and external accounts in the same account name
    • Cheque clearing
    • International money transfers
    • Point of Sale (POS) transactions
    • Transfers to open new ICICI Bank Canada accounts
    • Bank draft purchases
    • Bank charges
    • Bill payments
    • Pre-authorized debits such as mortgage, car or utility payments

    Sample TEXT ALERTS:

    For a credit transaction:


    From: 42424 (ICICI)


    Your Ac XXXXXX101 is credited CAD1,000.00 on 03 Aug. Info: Cash deposit. Total Avbl.

    Bal is CAD5,000.00.


    For a debit transaction:


    From: 42424 (ICICI)


    Your Ac XXXXXX101 is debited CAD1,000.00 on 03 Aug. Info: POS transaction. Total Avbl.

    Bal is CAD5,000.00.




    TEXT ALERTS service is free of charge effective June 2013. Standard messaging rates from your mobile phone carrier may apply. Frequency of alerts depends upon your account activity.


    To register or start TEXT ALERTS:

    To de-register or stop TEXT ALERTS:

    For assistance:


    Please refer to Terms and Conditions applicable to the TEXT ALERTS service. ICICI Bank Canada will not be responsible for charges levied by your mobile phone provider/carrier in connection with the TEXT ALERTS service. The ICICI Bank name and logo, and the HiSAVE and HiVALUE names are trademarks of ICICI Bank Limited and are used under license.