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Offer Terms and Conditions
1. Under this offer, a person can refer (“Referrer”) a friend or family member (“Referred”) to send money transfers to India, to earn a reward (“Offer”). When a Referred successfully completes a CAD – INR money transfer of $1,000 or more, the Referred and Referee will each receive a reward of $10 (“Reward”). The money transfer must be completed within 30 days of a referral.
2. A maximum of 10 people may be referred by each Referrer. The Referred must not have done a CAD-INR transfer using ICICI Bank’s money transfer service, since April 01, 2018.
3. This Offer is available from July 01, 2020, until September 30, 2020.
4. To receive the Reward, both the Referrer and Referred, must have either a chequing or savings account with ICICI Bank. The Reward will be deposited into the ICICI Bank accounts of the Referred and Referrer within 15 days of a successful money transfer.
5. Multiple accounts, will not qualify for multiple referrals.
6. The Referrer and Referred must have an existing business, non-business, family or personal relationship.
7. If a Referrer refers a person who has already been referred before by someone else, the Referrer will not be eligible for a Reward in connection with money transfers completed by such person.
8. This Offer is subject to ICICI Bank’s Money Transfers Terms and Conditions, available at any branch, online at icicibank.ca, or by speaking with a representative of ICICI Bank at our Customer Contact Centre. Click here to view Terms and Conditions.
9. The Offer cannot be combined with any other offer and is not transferrable. The Offer may be withdrawn or changed without prior notice at any time. ICICI Bank may, in its sole discretion disqualify, limit or revoke the Offer, if it suspects misuse, suspicious or fraudulent activity. ICICI Bank’s records are conclusive in calculating Rewards.
10. All currencies mentioned in $ is Canadian Dollar.
11. Due to security reasons, the Bank will be unable to disclose any information regarding the status of money transfer to India of the referred individual.
12. By providing any information to the Bank, you represent that the person(s) that you are referring have consented to the submission of their personal data to the Bank and to the Bank’s use of that data for the purpose contemplated in this offer.
13. You can transfer up to $9,000 online within a 24-hour period. Money Transfers can be sent to registered recipients only. You may register a recipient on our Online Banking portal or iMobile App.
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