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*Offer Terms and Conditions
Please refer to Money Transfers and Direct Banking Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions, available at any ICICI Bank Canada branch, online at icicibank.ca, or by speaking to a representative of ICICI Bank Canada at our Customer Contact Centre.
A New customer is someone who has not made a money transfer with ICICI Bank Canada since April 1, 2019 from i) their existing chequing or a savings account or ii) someone who opens their first chequing or savings account with ICICI Bank Canada.
The 50 paise bonus rate and No Fees on money transfers (the “Offer”) applies to CAD-INR money transfers to beneficiaries in India initiated through ICICI Bank Canada various direct banking channels including its website icicibank.ca, ICICI Bank Canada iMobile app, Customer Contact Centre or through any of ICICI Bank Canada branch between August 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.
The offer appliesto money transfers below C$100,000 only.
Through the ICICI Bank Canada website icicibank.ca or its iMobile app, you can transfer up to C$9,000 within a calendar day. There is no dollar limit for money transfers made through an ICICI Bank Canada branch or call centre.
Money transfers can only be sent to registered recipients.
Money transfers to recipient bank accounts that are not held with ICICI Bank Limited in India, will only be credited instantaneously if such recipient bank accounts are registered for immediate payment services (IMPS). If they are not registered for IMPS, money transfers will be processed via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT). NEFT transfers may take up to 48 business hours to process.
All money transfers to India are subject to limits and restrictions imposed by IMPS and NEFT, as applicable.
ICICI Bank Canada reserves the right to refuse to honor the Offer upon the occurrence or suspicion of fraud, error or dispute at its sole discretion. The ICICI Bank name and logo are trademarks of ICICI Bank Limited and are used under license.
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