ICICI Bank Student GIC connects you
with RBC and its 1,200+ branches

ICICI Bank Canada has collaborated with
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), one of
Canada’s largest banks to give you
a seamless and comprehensive banking

Apply from the comfort of your
home and get an account instantly


To activate your account, download
the ‘ICICI Bank Canada SPP App’

Proceeds of your ICICI Bank Canada Student GIC will automatically be deposited to your new RBC Student Account.

Open your account in three simple steps

Apply Online

to get your Student Account instantly

Click here for the application process

Fund your

and receive the proof of funds in your secure mailbox

Activate your Account

Activate your Account upon arrival by downloading our app and opt for verification with RBC.

Click here for the
activation process


You are all set! After 12 months, you will have
received the full invested amount back, plus interest!

ICICI Bank Canada Student GIC Program benefits

Apply from the comfort of your home
to open a no-fee account instantly

Get a Credit Card from RBC with a
limit of up to $2,000

Instant Account Number: The GIC Account application is completely online. We provide the Account and Funding details instantly

Funds are accepted from the
parent or spouse account

Receive certificate as proof of funds needed for study permit requirements within 24 hours

24/7 customer support
in India and Canada

Automated fund transfer from your ICICI Bank Canada Student GIC to your new RBC Student Account

Access to 1,200+ RBC branches
and 4,200+ ATMs across Canada

Who can participate in our Student GIC Program?

Individuals who are citizen of and holding a valid passport issued by the following countries.







Student GIC Program

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, contact us:

Click here for program terms and conditions.