Debit Card

The key to accessing your money conveniently and securely

The ICICI Bank Canada debit card (iCard) provides you access to your money through Automated Banking Machines (ABMs) and enables you to make secure payments online or in-store anywhere around the world, directly from your account.


All iCards are equipped with embedded microchip technology and Interac Flash®. Chip technology works in tandem with your personal identification number (PIN) to ensure that you are the only one using your card and gives you enhanced protection against card fraud.


Use of iCard

  • ABM: Enable you to access to your account(s) at over 3,300 ABMs across Canada at our branches and on THE EXCHANGE® Network, surcharge free*. You may withdraw and deposit cash/cheque, check account balance and change your PIN.


    In addition, you can also access your accounts through the following networks:


    Click here for ABM locations Click here for ABM locations Click here for ABM locations


  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Debit: You can use your iCard to make purchases at over 230,000 retail stores, gas stations and restaurants in Canada, where direct payment is accepted.
  • Interac Flash: With the Interac Flash functionality, you can make small purchases quickly and securely, contactless at participating merchant locations across Canada up to a limit established by merchants.
  • Global Access: iCard can be used for POS transactions at merchant locations that accept Maestro debit. Additionally, cash withdrawals can be made at ABMs where MasterCard and Cirrus logos are displayed.


iCard is automatically provided to all chequing account holders, including those with a HiVALUE PLUS Chequing Account, HiVALUE Chequing Account and Basic Chequing Account. HiSAVE Savings Account and Premium Savings Account holders can get a debit card upon request.


Getting a new or replacement iCard is easy. Just visit a branch or call our 24-hour Customer Service Centre at 1-888-424-2422.


These services are available only at ABMs that are equipped for cash/cheque deposits and PIN change.


* Neither ICICI Bank Canada nor any of THE EXCHANGE® network ABM providers impose a surcharge for ABM deposits, withdrawals or inquiries. Please refer to our Disclosure Statement for Personal Accounts for the rates and charges associated with debit cards.


Interac Flash is a registered trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under licence.