CDIC Deposit Insurance Information

ICICI Bank Canada - Member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

The following instruments and/or products are deposits eligible for deposit insurance from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), subject always to coverage limitations as outlined in the CDIC’s brochure 'Protecting Your Deposits'.


Product Type
Product Name

Savings Accounts

Personal Savings Accounts
  • HiSAVE Savings Account
  • Premium Savings Account
  • Young Stars Savings Account*
  • RSP Savings Account
  • Tax-Free Savings Account

Business Savings Accounts

  • Business Savings Account

Chequing Accounts

Personal Chequing Accounts
  • HiVALUE PLUS Chequing Account
  • HiVALUE Chequing Account
  • Basic Chequing Account
  • Remittance Account
Business Chequing Accounts
  • Business Chequing Elite
  • Business Chequing Plus*
  • Business Chequing Premium
  • Business Chequing Premium – iBizzLoans*

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) / Term Deposits

Personal Investment Accounts
  • Personal GIC (Redeemable and Non-Redeemable)
  • Personal Term deposits (Redeemable and Non- Redeemable)
  • Tax-Free GIC (Redeemable and Non-Redeemable)
  • Student GIC
Business Investment Accounts 
  • Business GIC (Redeemable and Non-Redeemable)
  • Business Term deposits (Redeemable and Non- Redeemable)

Bank Drafts

Bank Drafts

Newcomers to Canada

  • Student Account
  • Hello Canada Account

Miscellaneous (not available directly to depositors)

Items in Transit Account
Suspense Account
Unclaimed Cheques Account


For further information, please contact CDIC:



* The Bank has discontinued offering this product to customers.