ABM Card

Where can I use my ICICI Bank Canada’s ABM card?

ICICI Bank Canada’s ABM card can be used at any ABM machine which is marked with the Interac or Cirrus or EXCHANGE logo. The card can also be used at retail stores displaying the Interac symbol to pay for your purchases.

What are the charges for using ICICI Bank Canada ABM card?

For the Bank’s current fees and charges, please refer to our Disclosure Statement

What is the daily limit on transactions with ABM card?

The daily transaction limit for cash withdrawal is Canadian $250 and the limit for usage of the card at Point of Sale (POS) for purchases is Canadian $250. To increase the limit, please call our 24-hour Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-424-2422 or visit one of our branches.

Can the ICICI Bank Canada ABM card be used outside Canada?

ICICI Bank Canada’s ABM card can be used globally on any bank machine which has the Cirrus logo on it