Account Features

Is my Online Savings Account secure?

All information you provide to us is held in strictest confidence, in compliance with privacy standards followed by all major Canadian financial institutions. You are the only one who can transact on your account, and you can access your account to verify transactions and balances. When you make a withdrawal, your money can be transferred only to your designated account.

Are my deposits eligible for CDIC Insurance?

ICICI Bank Canada is a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. The instruments and/or products that are eligible for deposit insurance from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation are listed in our Deposit Register, subject always to maximum coverage limitations as outlined in their brochure "Protecting Your Deposits" and provided they are in Canadian funds, are payable in Canada, and have a term of no more than 5 years.

For further information, please visit the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation website or call: 1-800-461-CDIC (2342).

Is it true that there is no minimum deposit for the Online Savings Account?

Yes, it is true that there is no minimum balance required for the Savings Accounts which is available in Canadian and US Dollars.

How often will I receive my statements?

For your Online Savings Account, you will receive your statements by email monthly.