Modes of Money Transfers at branches (For account holders and non-account holders):

Electronic Money Transfers to any bank account in India
Transfer money to your Receiver’s account with ICICI Bank or any bank in India electronically and economically.

Indian Rupee draft in India
Get an Indian Rupee draft issued and mailed to your receiver or receiver’s bank in India at no additional cost.

Indian Rupee draft in Canada
Purchase an Indian Rupee draft at any one of our branches in Canada, payable in India.

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ICICI Bank Canada does not exchange any Indian currency in cash, at any of our branches.

* Money transfers to recipient bank accounts that are not held with ICICI Bank Limited in India, will only be credited instantaneously if such recipient’s bank accounts are enabled for immediate payment services (IMPS). If they are not registered for IMPS, money transfers will be processed via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS). NEFT/RTGS transfers may take up to 48 business hours to process. All money transfers to India are subject to limits and restrictions imposed by IMPS and NEFT/RTGS, as applicable.

1Immediate Payment Service (“IMPS”): Click Here for list of IMPS enabled banks.
2National Electronic Funds Transfer ("NEFT"): Refer to for list of NEFT enabled Bank branches.
3Real Time Gross Settlement ("RTGS"): Refer to, , for list of RTGS enabled bank branches.