International Money Transfers

Send money to over 195 Countries in the world.

As a full service Canadian Bank with international reach and resources, we offer you quick and easy ways to transfer money to virtually any country in the world*. We offer secure, low cost and reliable Money Transfers to any bank account in over 195 Countries in the world.


  1. Money Transfers through Branches

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  3. Money Transfers through Phone

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  • Money Transfers through Branches
Visit any ICICI Bank Canada branch and transfer money to any bank account in the destination country.


Money Transfers to any bank account in over 195 Countries in the world

ICICI Bank Canada Money Transfers service allows you to transfer your funds through SWIFT to your beneficiary's account in the destination country, normally within 3 to 4 business days.**

Money Transfers to these countries can be done in CAD, USD, Euros or GBP currencies.


Enjoy low cost Money Transfers from ICICI Bank Canada to any bank account in over 195 Countries in the world. Click here for rates & charges

No Limits:
If you have an account with ICICI Bank Canada, you can transfer unlimited funds. For non-account holders of ICICI Bank Canada, the maximum amount that can be transferred is CAD $6,000 per day.

*International Money Transfers are subject to terms and conditions and may be available through the SWIFT network only, excluding Money Transfers to India. (However, Money Transfers services may not be available to certain countries as per the bank's policies).

**Money Transfers are subject to regulatory verification processes. In the event of any delays in the processing of money transfers on account of such verifications, ICICI Bank Canada will not be liable or responsible in any manner for the consequences of such a delay, including, without limitation, for losses or damages caused by such a delay.