Remittance Account

ICICI Bank Canada’s Remittance Account is specially designed for eligible customers under the Student GIC program. The account is available for eligible students for remitting funds between their home country and Canada. There is no monthly administrative fee.1

Currency: Available in Canadian Dollars

  • Withdrawal transactions: 12 free debit transactions.1.
  • Deposit transactions: Free and unlimited
  • Access your funds: Online, in-branch
  • No Debit Card
  • No Cheque book
  • Paper statement: Free
  • TEXT ALERTS service: Receive instant text messages on your mobile phone confirming credit or debit transactions of $50 or more, upon registration
  • Money Transfers: Low cost money transfers to India and other countries
  • Transfer money online between your linked accounts: Link your Remittance Account with up to 3 external chequing accounts at any Canadian financial institution for quick and easy transfer of your funds.
  • Safe and Secure: ICICI Bank Canada is a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). Learn more about Canada Deposit Insurance.

1Customers who hold a Remittance Account can perform 12 debit transactions via Internet, telephone or in-branch at no administrative charge (individual transactions shall be charged as per the Bank’s Disclosure Statement of Fees and Charges for Remittance Accounts). These transactions include cash withdrawals at branches, bill payments, pre-authorized debits and account transfers. For any transactions made over and above the first 12 debit transactions during a month, the charges set out in our Disclosure Statement of Fees and Charges for Remittance Accounts will apply, plus an additional fee of $1.00 per transaction. For detailed information on all services and charges, please refer to the Bank's Disclosure Statement of Fees and Charges for Remittance Accounts.