Community Engagement

ICICI Bank Canada, your partner in sustainable and responsible community development.

The ICICI Group has a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility and, as its representative in Canada, ICICI Bank Canada is proud to continue that tradition.  We understand and firmly believe that building sustainable communities and an inclusive atmosphere is a foundational responsibility of all good corporate citizens.  We strive to engage with our communities in ways both big and small in order to make life a little bit better for all.


More information on the ICICI Group’s commitment to building a sustainable future can be found in our Environmental and Social Governance Report


We are committed to pro-actively support meaningful socio-economic development in Canada that will enable a larger number of people to participate in and benefit from all that Canada has to offer.  This commitment is based in the belief that growth and development are effective only when they result in wider access to opportunities and benefit a broader section of society.  Our aim is to identify critical areas of development that require investment and intervention, and allow us to give back to the communities where we live and work.


In executing this mandate, our main focus areas are:


health-care   Health Care and Vitality


Healthcare is a key focus area in Canada and spans a number of dimensions, including access to healthcare for the poor, awareness of health issues and available benefits, and malnutrition.  Addressing these challenges is essential to achieve the objective of inclusive growth.  We will continue to focus on developing innovative models with the potential to bring about improvements in the delivery of healthcare to all segments of society and other appropriate measures to promote healthcare education and awareness.


South-asian  South Asian Settlement Programs


Drawing on its origins in India and through its international expansion over the years, the ICICI Group has a special connection with the South Asian community and the Indian diaspora specifically in the geographies where it carries on business.  In Canada, a key focus of our community engagement is to assist members of the South Asian community to settle into Canadian life while also encouraging development of the special elements of South Asian culture that contribute to the Canadian mosaic.  We will work with various bodies, including governments and other not-for-profit organizations, to improve living standards and opportunities for South Asians.  This will include programs to develop work and language skills, education on settlement and Canadian life, and education on financial literacy and practices in Canada.


livable-and-sustainable  Livable and Sustainable Communities


As our network grows across Canada, so does our connection with and responsibility to the communities that we serve.  Creating livable, productive and sustainable spaces in our society is a key step to improving life and fostering inclusive growth for all members of the community.  We will pursue initiatives that will help create sustainable communities for our customers and stakeholders.  This work will focus on assistance for the homeless and other marginalized members of the community, including support for food banks, women’s shelters, family support organizations and initiatives dedicated to the cleanliness and sustainability of our communities.


Student Advisory


Students continue to be an important part of the newcomer population in Canada. ICICI Bank Canada supports international students and newcomers with financial products and advice necessary for their movement to Canada and empowers success upon arrival. With the rapidly changing economic landscape in Canada, the Bank is outlining some key advisory items to understand before traveling to Canada. Click here to read ICICI Bank Canada’s Advisory for preparing to travel to Canada.


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