Appropriate Product Recommendation Tool




Number of withdrawals Other actions Balance to be maintained Account Recommended
10- 12 Pay bills, Make withdrawals >1000

Basic Chequing

If you are a Student or a Senior this account is free for you
upto 25 Above and issue cheques and money transfers within Canada 1000-5000 HiValue Chequing
More than 25 All of the above and International money transfers more than 5000 HiVALUE PLUS Chequing


Save in GICs, Savings and Registered Accounts


GOAL Mid Term Withdrawal Available Account Recommended
Regular Savings to meet future life goals YES

HiSAVE Savings

Premium Savings
Save for Fixed Period and Earn Interest YES Redeemable GIC & Term Deposit
Save for Fixed Period and Earn Interest NO Non-Redeemable GIC and Term Deposit
Save for Retirement NO

RSP Savings &

Save for Tax Saving Purpose YES

Tax Free Savings &
Tax-Free GIC

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