Interac e-Transfer - Send Money & Receive Money easily

Now send, request or receive Interac e-Transfer, free of charge#

Interac e-Transfer is a secure and convenient way to send, request and receive money directly from one bank account to another. You can send or request money to anyone with an email address and bank account held at a Canadian financial institution. It’s a great alternative to making payments by cheque or with cash. You can also view the sent, requested, or received transactions, manage contacts and register for autodeposit.



Paying/requesting your share has never been easier:
Benefits of using Interac e-Transfer

Transactions are protected by multiple layers of security, making this one of the most secure ways to transfer money



Available 24/7

Request can be placed online at any time through online banking or iMobile App.



Quick and Simple

You only need to provide the recipient’s/sender’s email address to send/receive money or for a faster service skip having to answer the security question.


Request Money: Interac e-Transfer’s “Request Money” feature allows you to request money you are owed. Whether it’s to reimburse a friend for a movie ticket or a restaurant bill, you can quickly and easily send your request using Interac e-Transfer’s “Request Money” feature. Recipients are instantly notified of your request through an email or a text message from Interac. The recipient can then accept the request or decline it. If the request is accepted, the recipient can pay you through their account with a Canadian financial institution, using the Interac e-Transfer feature. Once done, the requested money will be automatically deposited into your account and the recipient will be notified via an email or a text message from Interac.


Autodeposit: Autodeposit is an Interac e-Transfer feature that allows you to register and have the incoming Interac e–Transfer funds deposited directly into your Canadian dollar bank account – no security question and answer needed. This feature continues to provide the convenience of Interac e-Transfer, without the need to share any financial information.


Life is easier with Interac e-Transfer. Simply login to your online/mobile banking account to make a transfer/request today!


Terms and conditions apply. *Trademark of Interac.

# If you do not cancel an unclaimed Interac e-Transfer within 30 days after we have notified you through email, ICICI Bank Canada will return the funds to your account and you will be charged a $5.00 reclaim fee.