Complaint Resolution Statistics

ICICI Bank Canada is consistently striving to provide resolutions to complaints that are timely, fair and reasonable to both the customer and the Bank. In addition, Complaint Regulations require the Bank to publicly report its complaint resolution statistics on an annual basis.

Annual Statistics     2022

The number of complaints resolved by the Senior Complaints Officer of the Bank


The average length of time taken by the Senior Complaints Officer to deal with the complaints

3.9 days

The number of complaints that were resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, in the opinion of the Bank


Counts include complaints towards the Bank's products or services:

Products / Services    Count

Personal Accounts


Business Accounts






Credit Cards





Overall, we observed for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022, that most client complaints dealt with banking matters related to personal accounts, credit cards, policy, procedures, and service issues. Compared to the previous year, the clients were slowly settling into a routine from the pandemic that impacted their day-to-day lives. However, 2022 came with a new set of challenges brought on by the Bank of Canada’s effort to reduce and control inflation by raising interest rates. As a result, Bank saw an increase in complaints compared to previous years. A quarter of all complaints were related to transfers and payments, while the other quarter was related to opening and renewing accounts. Of the remaining complaints, Transactions, Collections and Closure accounted for 17% and 11% of complaints were related to Internet and Telephone Banking services. At the same time, 22% of complaints are unrelated to specific or non-active products and are classified as ‘Others,’ connected with service issues such as difficulties or delays in getting the service or dissatisfaction with general policy matters