HiSAVE® Savings Account Online

Why only save, when you can HiSAVE

  • Earn 1.25% on C$ HiSAVE Savings Account
  • Earn 1.00% on US$ HiSAVE Savings Account


Hurry! Save today for a better tomorrow


No fee banking:No monthly fees and no minimum balance.


No need to change your existing bank: Link up to 3 of your existing chequingaccounts at any Canadian financial institution with your HiSAVE SavingsAccount. You may then transfer money between the linked accounts.


Convenient Banking: You may do your banking online, by phone or at an ABM at your convenience.


Safe and Secure: ICICI Bank Canada is a member of CDIC. Learn more about Canada Deposit Insurance.


Open your HiSAVE Savings Account in 3 Easy Steps:

Hisave Steps


Terms and Conditions apply. Rates are as of November 10, 2022 on Canadian Dollar HiSAVE Savings Account and as of October 6, 2022 on US Dollar HiSAVE Savings Account, which is the brand name for ICICI Bank Canada's Canadian and U.S. Dollar Personal Savings Accounts, opened on-line or by phone and will apply to the balances in the accounts of new and existing customers. All interest rates are expressed on a per annum basis and are subject to change any time without notice. Interest on HiSAVE Savings Account is calculated on the daily closing balance and paid monthly. The ICICI Bank name and logo and the HiSAVE name are trademarks of ICICI Bank Limited and are used under license.