Safe Cheque Book Tips

Cheque Book Safety Measures:

Tips To Keep Your Cheque Book Safe

  • Record all details of cheques issued.
  • Do not leave your cheque book unattended. Always keep it in a safe place,
  • Whenever you receive your cheque book, please count the number of cheques in it. If there is a discrepancy, bring it to the notice of the Bank immediately.
  • Verify serial continuity of the cheque numbers. If there is a discrepancy, bring it to the notice of the Bank immediately.
  • Inform the Bank immediately if you lose/misplaced your cheque book, a cheque or a requisition slip.

Tips To Write A Cheque Correctly

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  • Do not sign blank cheques. Always fill in the date, the name of the receiver and the amount before signing the cheque.
  • Always draw a line through any unused space.
  • Never sign in multiple places unless authenticating a change.
  • Avoid using cheques with errors or spelling mistakes on them. Issue a new cheque if possible.
  • When you cancel a cheque, mutilate the MICR band and write “CANCEL” across the face of the cheque
  • Do not write/sign/mark/pin/staple/paste/fold on the MICR band.
  • Unused requisition slips should be destroyed or returned to the bank.
  • Use the transaction sheet to record details of cheques issued by you.

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  1. if you find any discrepancy in the number of cheques of the cheque book you receive
  2. if you have lost an issued cheque and need to give a "stop payment" instruction; or
  3. to request a new cheque book