Death Claim Settlement

Step 1 - Notify the Bank: If you are a Legal or Authorized Representative1 of the deceased account holder, then the first step is to notify ICICI Bank Canada by contacting us at our 24x7 customer contact center or any of our branches.
1Click here to learn more about Legal or Authorized Representative.

Step 2 - Gather all documents: Gather the documents, as per your provincial estate law, for the deceased client resolution process. The Bank will provide guidance on the documents that the Bank requires for your particular circumstance when you contact the call center or our branch.


Step 3 - Submit the documents: at nearest ICICI Bank Canada branch or send the documents to the Bank’s PO Box address. Click here to find a Branch or the PO Box address.
Note: If you wish to send the documents to the Bank’s P.O. Box, then you can send notarized photocopies of the documents, along with a Letter of Direction. Bank will not be responsible for any loss of documents or information during transit or for non-receipt of the documents at the P.O. Box.

For the safety and security of the information, documents for deceased client resolutions will generally not be accepted via email. Your Legal representative or Authorized Representative can either visit any of the ICICI Bank Branches or send materials to the Bank’s P.O. Box address. For any information or clarification, you can always contact our 24x7 customer contact center. Click here to learn more about our Branch locations or P.O. Box address.

Once all required documents are received, the time to settle can vary depending on the complexity of the settlement.

Once everything is in order, the Bank normally takes up to 10 Business days to complete the settlement process.