Stay up-to-date with instant TEXT ALERTS on your mobile phone!

ICICI Bank Canada’s TEXT ALERTS service lets you keep track of your bank accounts while you’re on the go. Receive instant text messages on your mobile phone registered with us confirming transactions on your designated ICICI Bank Canada accounts.


Important Notice:

Strating from June 2022, ICICI Bank Canada will send text alerts to your registered mobile number when the balance in your Chequing or Savings account falls below $100.
These alerts are designed to help you stay on top of your deposit account(s).


Kindly Note:

  • We will send these alerts by text on your Canadian mobile number registered with the Bank.
  • If you have not registered a Canadian mobile number with the Bank, you will not receive these balance threshold text alerts. However, once you update your mobile number, you will start receiving these alerts unless you opt out. To update your mobile number instantly: Login Now or call toll free on 24x7 customer contact center at 1-888-424-2422 or visit any of our branches.
  • You can opt out of receipt of or change the balance threshold for these alerts by:
    • Calling toll free on 24x7 customer contact center at 1-888-424-2422 or Visiting any of our branches.

You will be notified of any credit or debit transactions of $50 or more (in the currency of the account) such as payroll deposits, mortgage payments, pre-authorized debits and debit card purchases.


  • Free of charge services
  • Stay Secure: If you didnt initiate a transaction, notify us immediately and we will investigate


This service is available for our HiVALUE® Chequing Account, HiVALUE® PLUS Chequing Account, Basic Chequing Account, HiSAVE® Savings Account, Premium Savings Account, RSP Savings Account and Tax-Free Savings Account.

TEXT ALERTS will be generated for the following transactions:

Credit transactions of $50 or more

Debit transactions of $50 or more

  • Cash or cheque deposits
  • Third party cheque deposits or bank drafts
  • Direct deposits such as payroll deposits and tax refunds
  • Transfers from a linked bank account (applies to external and internal linked accounts in the same account name)
  • Deposits of redemptions from ICICI Bank Canada Guaranteed Investment Certificates or term deposits
  • Incoming wire transfers
  • Interest earned
  • Reversal of charge
  • ABM withdrawals
  • Transfers from a linked bank account (applies to external and internal linked accounts in the same account name)
  • Cheque clearing
  • International money transfers
  • Point of Sale (POS) transactions
  • Transfers to open new ICICI Bank Canada accounts
  • Bank draft purchases
  • Bank charges
  • Bill payments
  • Pre-authorized debits such as mortgage, car or utility payments
  • Online purchases


Canadian Text Messaging Carriers

TEXT ALERTS are available for all wireless carriers that are members of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. Available carriers are:

  • Aliant Mobility
  • Bell Mobility
  • Fido Solutions
  • Koodo Mobile
  • Mobilicity
  • MTS Mobility
  • NorthernTel Mobility
  • Rogers Wireless
  • SaskTel Mobility
  • Solo Mobile
  • Télébec Mobilité
  • TELUS Mobility
  • Vidéotron
  • Virgin Mobile Canada
  • Freedom Mobile



The TEXT ALERTS service is free of charge since June 2013. Standard messaging rates from your mobile phone carrier may apply. The frequency of alerts depends on your account activity.

To learn more, register or de-register an account, call us toll-free at 1-888-424-2422 or visit a branch.

TEXT ALERTS will not be sent between 10:00 pm and 6:30 am (EST). Alerts will be sent at or after 6:30 am (EST) for any transactions that occur between 10:00 pm and 6:30 am (EST).

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions applicable to the TEXT ALERTS service. ICICI Bank Canada will not be responsible for charges levied by your mobile phone provider/carrier in connection with the TEXT ALERTS service.