Refinance Mortgage - Borrowing against your home

Do you want to renovate your home? Or may be buying a vacation property? Or perhaps you want to pay off some high-interest debts, send your children to university or finance a business expansion? A low-interest mortgage on your existing home may be the answer you are looking for.

Guaranteed Rates

We want to help you focus on more important things instead of worrying about fluctuating mortgage rates. We guarantee the rate you are quoted on a fixed rate and variable rate closed mortgage for 90 days. We also offer a rate drop policy which can give you a better rate at closing time if the rate drops.

Best Value

ICICI Bank Canada is known for exceptional rates on all our products and our mortgages are no exception.

Personalized Service

Our mortgage specialists are available by phone or at any of our branches.

Flexible Options

To save you interest and help you pay off your mortgage faster, we offer several flexible options for mortgage payments:

  • Regular Repayments: You can make weekly, biweekly, or monthly payments on your mortgage.
  • Accelerated Repayments: You also have an option to repay your mortgage faster through our accelerated repayment program by opting for weekly or biweekly payments.
  • Annual additional payment: Each year you can increase your regular payments up to 20% of the current principle and interest payment. Each year you can prepay up to 20% of the original mortgage balance